Binar is the Noongar word for meteor – when the Spirit Mother’s children on Earth are in need of help, she sends her star children home in the form of meteors

Binar began in 2011 as one local basketball team of six Indigenous youths supported by our founder Adam Desmond. Binar has grown to now having over 1,400 young people (85% Aboriginal) involved in the Perth Metro area and surrounds. Our programs now include Sports, Culture, Youth Leadership and Youth Development. More than this, we have become a support system and extended family to everyone involved

Binar has been sustained as a grassroots organisation by a huge effort from volunteers and philanthropic donations from individuals and local businesses

Our story speaks to a culture that values community, family, and connection to country

More information can be found at the Binar Futures website –

Find us at Midland Junction Lotteries House39 Helena St, Midland WA 6056.